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A strong team of experienced editors and proofreaders
We ensure that our specialists can do everything: from a simple essay to a sophisticated degree research project.
We make your writing significantly better.
Editing and proofreading are not about changing content; they are about making what is already available better, much better.
Balanced pricing model pays utmost attention to offering affordable services along with high quality and speed.
Why us?
proofreading-guide has earned a positive reputation thanks to our attentive work and the most responsible people we hire. Our reputation appears good because we are famous as a trustworthy editing and proofreading service. We are obsessed with a strong focus on customer satisfaction by providing you with original content. We constantly strive to improve our customer-facing processes and provide ever better customer experience. We do not accept plagiarism in papers, so we do not copy and paste information from the Internet to make your paper look better. We have enough knowledge to edit your essay by ourselves to keep the uniqueness of your paper at the highest level. Every edit of your paper is double-checked by our certified plagiarism checkers so that any tiny typo will exist in the final paper you get from us. We value the safety of our customers, so we created a strong list of terms and conditions to help you feel more confident about your privacy and the whole working process with us.
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We care about our customers is a place where both demanding and price-concerned customers can find what they need. We are an all-purpose company that can figure out what you want and completely satisfies you with the results. Our Customer Support team is really client-oriented. That is why our clients do not mostly face difficulties while using our web service. All you need is just contact us via Live Chat or email and wait for nothing to receive a response. We always improve our working approach to make your experience better every time you ask for help from us. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, and we constantly care so much about their satisfaction with the price-performance of the services they get. We try to ensure that you don’t need to search for an editing and proofreading service anymore because we can completely meet your bravest demands!

If you think your paper is a difficult one and that it requires a narrow specialist to proofread and edit it - you are completely right. It happens that student experience hard moments while editing and proofreading papers before passing them to professors. Now we have you covered! Our team of writing specialists is trained in all major college and university disciplines, and it is highly dedicated to providing high-quality editing and proofreading assistance to you. In addition, pays utmost attention to making its services affordable to all customers, irrespective of their budgets. We understand that you want to save time and money wherever it is possible. Anyone can find an adequate service for their needs. Join us in your personal growth experience and hurry up to place an order.
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